About the project

Component Parts and Materials


1 Nickel-plated brass Body
2 Nickel-plated brass Collet
3 Nickel-plated brass Capsule
4 Steel aisi 301 Clamping washer
5 Technopolymeric Safety ring
6 Nbr Lip seal (if requested FKM)
7 Nbr Thread packing (if requested FKM)

Connection Tubes Plastic tubes: PA6 – PA11 – PA 12 – Polyethylene – *Polyurethane – PTFE – FEP – ecc.
*For Polyurethane hoses it is required a minimum hardness of 98 shore
Temperatures Minimum Temperature: -20 °C
Maximum Temperature:  +80 °CFKMMinimum Temperature: -15 °C
Maximum Temperature in continuos: +130 °C
Maximum Temperature for short term: +185 °CEPDM


Minimum Temperature: -40 °C
Maximum Temperature in continuos: +130 °C
Maximum Temperature for short term: +185 °C


Threads “Short” tapered thread
Tapered gas in conformity with ISO 7.1 – BS 21 – DIN 2999
Parallel gas in conformity with ISO 228 Classe A
Pressures Minimum pressure: -0.99 bar (-0.099 Mpa)
Maximum pressure: 15 bar (1.5 Mpa)
Fluids Compressed air





Measure Tubes: from 3 to 14
Thread: from M5 to 1/2
50000aggraffaggio pinza_2012
The washer, made in stainless steel, ensures the perfect tube clamping with every kinds of materials without damage the surface.
The connection between the tube and the fitting ensures a total tightness even in severe conditions such as impact and vibrations.
The particular geometric shape of the seal ensures the perfect tightness even with vacuum.
50000anelli di tenuta_ITA_ING_2012
All of threads from this range (also the M5), have been equipped with tightening parts which allow the direct assembly of the fittings, reducing the installation time.
scheda tecnica 50000 con chiave
All the straight fittings, with “short” and parallel threads, can be assembled with Allen wrench and it is possible to use them in reduced spaces.
The “short” taper thread has been designed to offer the following advantages to the users:
– reduced overall lenght
– smaller hex dimension compared to the parallel threads
– to allow the assembly with different female threads both taper as well as parallel:         – tapered NPT – NPTF
         – parallel ISO 7 – BSPP
         – tapered ISO 7 – BSPT – PT
         – parallel ISO 228 – BSP – PF
– to ensure the right tightening also with surfaces not perfectly flat, without spot-facing, concave, convex and with different kinds of chamfers or radius.
Torque to Male Threads ISO-228 with OR
Measure  Recommended Torque Nm Breaking Torque Nm
M5 0.8 3.2
1/8 3 8
1/4 9 30
3/8 10 60
1/2 12 50
Breaking values may vary according to the item
Torque to Male Threads “Short”
Measure Recommended Minimum Torque Nm Recommended Max Torque Nm
1/8 5 7
1/4 5 7
3/8 5 7
1/2 5 7
Breaking values may vary according to the item


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