About the project

Distributed control with the high-speed,

high-capacity Controller Link network


Use Controller Link to automatically exchange data between PLCs, and to maintain programs and data of all connected PLC’s from a single PC. You can share operating data among machines without any programming, and centralize the supervision of machine productivity, production progress and quality data.

Advanced inner boards enable flexible system


Advanced Inner Boards can be added to the CPU Unit to respond flexibly to the applications of each machine. Use of the Serial Communications Board, for example, enables connection with peripheral components, like temperature controllers and bar-code readers, that are equipped with serial ports. This kind of flexibility lets you build

systems that better match the specifications and scale of the machine or equipment being controlled.
I/O points and memory capacity doubled to provide an extra margin of control.The I/O capacity, program capacity, and Data memory have been doubled over those of previous CQM1 models. This gives you an extra margin of control to meet the data processing load that accompanies the growing complexity and advanced functions of today’s control

Systems , and assures you of plenty of capacity for the I/O points of dedicated I/O


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